Your membership will enable us to meet our goals and help educate Latinos/Hispanic/Mexican America across the nation on Pro-God, Pro-Life, Pro-Family, Pro-Economy, Education and National Security policies. Latinos for Trump is a non-profit (C)(4) organization.

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 We build relationships and change the narrative with the media by  promoting, educating, and spreading awareness on the conservative principles in the Hispanic Communities via TV, Radio, and Social Media. 

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We encourage our members to be more involved, visible, and engaged at Hispanic functions and events.   We promote the importance of registering to VOTE and show up to the polls on election day. We care about listening to our communities about the issues that are important so we can affect public policy.



We encourage the leaders to become a voice in their communities. We train and empower them to become precinct chairs, seek appointed positions to committees, and encourage them to run for office! It is the ONLY way to preseve our conservative principles. Lastly, we focus on building partnerships with auxiliaries, organizations, clubs, and faith based organizations. 

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Latinos for Trump launched a White House petition to build the wall at the southern border to help our border patrol agents. Its  the only way to Stop the Human Trafficking along with gun and drug smuggling. Click on the build the wall button below to sign the petition.

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Latinos for Trump is not affiliated with, authorized, or sponsored by Donald J. Trump, Inc. which is the principal campaign committee of President Donald J. Trump