Leadership Application

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Latinos for Trump Code of Conduct


Latinos for Trump has the authority to remove you from representing the organization by unanimous votes from the Board Members for the following reasons:

(1) Unethical and Unprofessional Behavior

(2) Inappropriate Nudity Posts (WILL NOT BE TOLERATED)!

(3) The use of Profanity on all Social Media: FaceBook, Instagram, & Twitter

(4) Only approved spokespeople have authority to conduct interviews with media or can receive authorization prior to speaking or being interviewed by any media outlets by the Board.

Welcome to Latinos for Trump!

Please be advised prior to submitting your information you will be interviewed by phone. 

Thank you,

Bianca Gracia President Latinos for Trump

Matthew Gomez Vice President Latinos for Trump

 Interviewer will be: Amelia C. Kennedy National Coordinator Latinos for Trump